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Treasure the mother choose the reason of laundry detergent in infants

by:Meibao     2020-10-18
With the improvement of living standard, people's consumption consciousness, special items for baby emerge in endlessly, have a family of newborn babies in the home, to the health of the baby, a lot of baby products have replaced the infant is special product, be think it is necessary. Of infants and young children one of laundry detergent is the rise in recent years, baby products, and more and more popular, family condition good parents choose expensive don't choose to believe that the more expensive the better, even to buy imported laundry detergent. So do you have any different baby laundry detergent and general adult laundry detergent, and really need to use infant special laundry detergent? Infants and young children because then, baby laundry detergent and adult laundry detergent how much different? First, we can randomly select a few baby laundry detergent, laundry detergent and adults through the inspection, but we found that the two components is not much difference, basic are surfactants, add a synergistic agent, softener, and spices, etc. In order to prove the baby because more specialized than adults because management is more strict and standard, so in most of the baby will be listed in detail the composition in the laundry detergent, can even detailed detailed name list contains surfactant. But the adult laundry detergent is not so detailed list, you just about the ingredients list. The only difference is, for the sake of the health of the baby, baby because there is little to add to add the decontamination of laundry detergent in adult lighten the brightening ingredients. Second, laundry detergent babies pay more attention to use to reduce the stimulation of the skin, so on the acidity of laundry detergent, both will have different, because human skin weak acid, so the environment is more close to the weak acid more stimulation to the human body is small, so the baby laundry detergent composition is close to the body's PH, washing clothing does not hurt the skin, more secure, and adult laundry detergent does not pay attention to this point, but generally wash clothes are all adults, to the baby does not have any effect. So what is the baby because the main function? Baby laundry detergent mainly for milk stains, urine and food residue, and a lot of dirt is difficult to remove. So ordinary adult because it is difficult to do this, but the actual effect, also can be using for a long time to come to a conclusion. All say 'a price points a points goods', parents usually choose a bit more expensive washing fluid, would think that the more the stipulations, the better, infants and young children laundry detergent are generally more expensive than adult laundry detergent, is reasonable, the higher the price, the use of components should also be safer. In a word, also can't say that I could not use adult laundry detergent, as long as the composition of health, safety, no pollution and good decontamination capability, occasionally used or not. Laundry detergent equipment prices next article: washing supplies production process and production equipment on a: white clothes laundry detergent knowledge on how to avoid the washing the yellow?
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