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The energy saving effect of rock wool waste gas incinerator is outstanding

The energy saving effect of rock wool waste gas incinerator is outstanding


The energy saving effect of rock wool waste gas incinerator is outstanding

Around the Spring Festival, Meibao received a number of rock wool production enterprises, customers had an in-depth understanding of the "energy-saving rock wool waste gas incinerator" developed by Meibao and signed contracts.

The rock wool waste gas incinerator developed by Meibao makes full use of the low calorific value waste gas generated by the cupola, and burns it completely. The heat generated by the combustion provides for the cupola and curing oven. This is turning waste into treasure, it greatly reduces the fuel consumption, making the consumption of natural gas produced by rock wool almost zero, and the annual fuel cost saving is about 1.5 million yuan.

The incinerator was successfully used in more than 40 rock wool production enterprises, such as Zhejiang Xuanming New Materials Co., Ltd., Sichuan Pawoke Mineral and Fiber Products Co., Ltd, Xinjiang Huamei Weiye High-tech Materials Co., Ltd., Hebei Huaneng Zhongtian Chemical Building Material Group Co., Ltd., Sinoma Technology Co., Ltd., Changxing Yinshi New Wall Materials Co., Ltd., Lianyungang Jianyun Building Materials Co., Ltd., Hefei Haizhida Ventilation and Insulation Materials Co., Ltd., Hunan Hengsheng New Materials Co., Ltd., Chongqing Qinglan Building Materials Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Baosheng Insulation Building Materials Co., Lanxi Zhongtong Building Materials Co., Ltd., Xinjiang Xibu Jinke Building Materials Co., Ltd., Tianchang Kangmeida New Thermal Insulation Materials Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Dingxu Energy-saving Building Materials Co., Ltd., Liaoning Yida New Building Materials Co., Ltd., Shandong Oukesi Rock Wool Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Liaoning Tailong Refractory Insulation Material Co., Ltd., Langfang Fuluosi Building Materials Co., Ltd., Shanxi Juxin Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd., Shanxi Heli Insulation Material Products Co., Ltd., Fuxin Jiusheng Industrial Co., Ltd., Hebei Liyuan New Material Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Laitekai Machinery Co., Ltd.

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