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Installation of several hot air furnace projects started

Installation of several hot air furnace projects started


Installation of several hot air furnace projects started

Recently, the installation of several high clean direct hot air furnace projects at home and abroad has started. The fuels are coal and biomass. They are respectively used for drying potassium fertilizer, additives, gypsum and other products. High clean direct hot air furnace (coal fired, biomass fired) isMeibao's first developed leading product, has been declared a number of national invention and practical patents. The cleanliness of flue gas generated by its combustion is equivalent to that of oil fired furnace, which can replace oil fired and gas fired furnace, and is widely used in detergent powder, calcium hydrogen phosphate, potassium fertilizer (potassium chloride, potassium sulfate), monodiammonium phosphate, compound fertilizer, polyaluminum chloride and other products. Compared with oil fired and gas fired furnaces, it has greatly saved fuel costs and achieved good economic benefits.

The hot air furnace has been used by Unilever, P&G, Nice Group, Liby Group, SDIC Xinjiang Luobupo Potash, Salt Lake Potash Fertilizer, CITIC Guoan, Yuntianhua Group, Kailin Group, Sierte Fertilizer Industry, Guizhou Chuanheng, Kunming Chuanjinnuo, etc.

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