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There are several kinds of detergent solution filling way?

by:Meibao     2020-10-28
1970 - 01 - 01 filling way there are several kinds of detergent solution? Usually has the following three ways: 1, washing powder pump station main charging ways: Europe almost all stations can be loaded with washing powder, filling machine installed inside a gas station, the fixed way of filling is the most important way of urea filling, Europe is very convenient. 2, self-built depot truck team selection: big teams in Europe will also build detergent depot according to need, so we can save filling station, not only convenient but also can reduce the cost. 3 small packaging, bulk carrying, the emergency plan of common detergent solution, for emergency, many drivers will be accompanied by small package of urea solution, in order to prevent the urea out influence normal travel, general component is 5 l, 10 l, 20 l, specifications, etc. Related searches: washing powder equipment on a: washing powder equipment market chances for development
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