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Their factory production of washing powder required knowledge

by:Meibao     2020-10-28
1970 - 01 - 01 now own factory production of washing powder, is go to join mode, why go way to join us? Go join the way, you are the shortcut, manufacturers give you what you need equipment, formulation and production technology is also a teach you, production experience is very important, manufacturers have production experience can you compensate for the lack of production experience, so be sure to look for manufacturer cooperation with production experience. Additional equipment, or technology manufacturers will have after, this is you in the future. Factory or provide you with brand to use at the same time, and provide you with a lot of convenient, so looking for a manufacturer to join is a shortcut, is an effective way to factory. Their factory production of washing powder, how to evaluate joined detergent production equipment manufacturer? 1, confirm not shell companies, is the entity enterprise, with valid documents, equipment is not profiteering purpose. 2, the practicability of the equipment, don't see appearance, it was useless, for does not exist in the process of actual operation is not reasonable, operation of trouble. 3, the technology is not mature, whether to produce a product quality standards. 4, be sure to find the technical personnel is more than the sales staff in cooperation. 5, buy equipment, depends on technology professional, don't go to the sales staff sales ability, said with flowers yes, no use, it is a fool. 6, don't blind to choose the so-called big manufacturer. Big factory cost, equipment cost is high, the price higher. 7, don't blind to believe that some manufacturers lip beautiful promises. Choose the equipment manufacturer to join, must oneself to see the actual equipment, products, rather than to believe that pay lip service to the sales staff. Some manufacturers only configuration bipolar reverse osmosis to purify water, insist that water quality can also go to urea production, this is not nonsense? Only a two-stage reverse osmosis EDI electric desalination system to handle the resistance rate of more than 15 million ultrapure water, just can go to the production of urea. It is important to index. 8, factory after-sales is critical. This industry, people often say, the customer is one-off, sold the equipment it is not possible to buy again. To after-sales, so few people focus on after-sales work, equipment out of the question, can answer your phone is good, call to guide you, you need, if you want to make manufacturer home maintenance again, it is bound to oh my god, out of the question. A: detergent prospects?
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