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The eight USES of liquid detergent production machine is introduced

by:Meibao     2020-10-23
Liquid detergent production machine, ion exchange system. Ion exchange system is through the anion and cation exchange resin on the all kinds of anion and cation in the water displacement of a traditional water treatment process, the ratio of anion and cation exchange resin according to different collocation can Yang bed system of ion exchange, ion exchange Yin bed system and the mixed bed ion exchange system, and mixed bed system is usually used in reverse osmosis water treatment technology such as after a portion of ultrapure water, high pure water terminal technology, it is used for the preparation of ultrapure water, high pure water can not be replaced by one of the means. So, the purpose of the liquid detergent? 1, laboratory, laboratory water, general laboratory routine test, configuration, permanent solution, cleaning the glass ware, etc; 2, electronic industry, such as kinescope glass shell, CRT, LCD, circuit boards, computer hard drives, integrated circuit chips, monocrystalline silicon semiconductor, etc; 3, electricity, boiler, boiler softened water needed, in addition to salt; 4, automobiles, home appliances, building materials, surface coating, electroplating, coated glass cleaning, etc. ; 5, petrochemical industry, chemical reaction of cooling water, chemicals, water production liquor etc. ; 6, industrial textile printing and dyeing, steel water cleaning, etc. ; 7, food, beverage, wine, cosmetics production water; 8, seawater, brackish water purification, etc. Detergent production factory house, the previous mechanical: liquid detergent production process and its characteristics
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