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The correct use of the laundry and little knowledge of life

by:Meibao     2020-10-18
Detergent choose not true death is common soap catharsis things, but it has a major defect, that is because it is the important composition of sodium stearate and residual alkali, poor wet and hard water resistance ability is low, strong alkali, has Sally sherbet and damage to the skin, and can't eliminate some skin dye. Therefore, appeared on the market a variety of new washing jing, when the choose and buy should pay attention to the following points. ( 1) First play can check the commodity consumption and toxicity test number, health permit number, and can indicate the validity of the product to use. ( 2) Understand product performance, use, and use. The acid value, lower limit (pH near the skin The skin acid value is pH, 4. 5-6. 5) No damage, no comfort to the skin, apply the inconvenience of detergent. For example, there is a column ^ country science and technology on the market at present the spark of target washing thorn, is prepared with nonionic and cationic surfactants, strong detergency, it not only to hide physiology of dirt on the skin, and can remove oil, carbon black and coal tar and other contaminants, pH near the skin weak acid, have antiseptic effect that protect skin. And inferior washing system, alkaline, comfort, comfort skin inflammation, unfavorable choose. Laundry detergent equipment manufacturer laundry detergent equipment manufacturer, 3) Choose or not choose less alkaline detergent. Thus kind of washing to jing although have good consequences, but causes should be too fat loss, and form the skin coarse, corneous layer, bacteria is easy to enter the body. If want to use to choose weak base of rendering as well. Next up: teach you five recruit about how to choose a high quality laundry detergent: concentrated laundry detergent and ordinary laundry detergent that good?
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