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The correct use of diesel oil washing powder

by:Meibao     2020-11-01
1970 - 01 - 01 domestic diesel since the implementation of the four emissions, washing powder has become a necessity and consumables closely associated with the truck. Washing powder, used in the reduction of nitrogen oxides, automobile exhaust reducing exhaust gas pollution level. Generally speaking, 32 currently use detergent solution. High purity 5% urea, and 67. 5% of deionized water. Urea as exhaust aftertreatment important consumables directly increase the operation cost of users, so how to make better use of keep good running is too critical. Want to reduce the cost self-defeating greater damage case is also a lot. 1, the harm of urea solution using inferior general urea solution does not take the place of detergent solution, purity is not enough, because when the urea solution presence of impurities such as particulate matter, heavy metal ions, minerals, SCR system for vehicle serious damage caused by the spray nozzle, filters and other components, unnecessary economic losses. 2, the harm of water instead of urea four cheating, a common practice is to bypass OBD monitoring, water instead of urea solution, this method is relatively hidden, but water cannot to restore the exhaust gas, causing three car is higher than the NOx emissions. If join the ordinary water rather than pure water, the common metal ions contained in water can have toxic effects on catalyst, the common impurities in the water, insolubles, sediment will plug nozzle and catalyst support. 3, do not use the harm of urea in use do not add urea solution, seems to save the cost, but can produce irreparable damage to the SCR system. Nozzle is located in the exhaust pipe, such as urea in high temperature environment for a long time, need to circulation of the urea solution for cooling, cooling deficiency can lead to damage of urea spray nozzle; As another example, if you don't add urea solution, after the processor does not work, easy to oxidation at high temperature, therefore, this approach not only increase the damage to the environment, also increases the overall cost. A: washing powder equipment production washing powder process
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