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The contrast of powder detergent and liquid detergent

by:Meibao     2020-10-22
China's catering power, the liquid detergent production and sales has a broad market. Below small make up to you to understand the powder detergent and liquid detergent compared their advantages and USES. Powder detergent: 1, transportation, packaging, saving the cost of transport packaging, high concentration, small volume. 2, low price, than the liquid products save cost 30%. 3, easy to use: a small bag packaging, with instant, to save time, effort, worry, more convenient for program management. 4, wide range of USES: can be used for fruits and vegetables, clothing, clean tableware hands, cooking oil stove, glass, floor, ceramic tile, sofa, electrical appliances, vehicle, machinery and other heavy oil stain cleaning items. Go 5, super oil: oil 60% or more active ingredients, far more than the national standard of more than 15%. 6, health, environmental protection, natural raw materials formula, PH value is neutral, no phosphorus, non-toxic, skin does not hurt the hand, environmental protection, no pollution. 7, facilitate storage, product quality is not affected by temperature and time, not easy metamorphism, long shelf life. Liquid detergent: 1, liquid transportation and packing cost is high, low, volume is big. 2, chaos and higher price, composition is more than 95% water, increase the cost. 3, use convenient, covers an area of wastefully, inconvenient management, easy to waste increase the cost. 4, limitations, and wide usage, kitchen supplies, such as are commonly used to clean tableware compote cleaning heavy oil stain effect is poor. 5, low content of active matter, circulation, generally only about 2%, more than 30 times lower than the powder, the supermarket brand product at about 15%, 4 - lower than the powder 5 times. 6, raw material and inferior, unlicensed, burn hand, affect human body health, not environmental protection. 7, are greatly influenced by temperature and time, if no added preservatives, easy metamorphism, smell, turbidity, return to dilute, expiration period shorter. See if the above content, understand the characteristics of the powder and liquid detergent. For more details please login! ! ! ! ! Keywords: detergent producing packing machine for making machine with detergent washing powder production factory house, the previous: mechanical power entrepreneurs on the road to riches
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