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The classification of horizontal mixer and prices

by:Meibao     2020-10-25
Horizontal mixer, horizontal mixer is to make the material be fully mixed, thus improve the mixing uniformity of machines. Works: horizontal cylinder body is equipped with biaxial reverse rotating blades, pulp lobe Angle will material along the axial and radial circulation riling, rapid mixing of material horizontal mixer performance characteristics of the speed reducer drive shaft rotation speed and the blade structure will make the material gravity decreases, with the lack of gravity, the material of particle size, specific grvity differences in mixing process is ignored. Intense mixing motion shortens the time of a mixture of more rapid and more efficient. Despite the proportion, the differences between the particle size of materials, in staggered arrangement of agitating vane under severe churning away quickly, also can achieve very good mixing effect. High mixing uniformity and less residue, suitable for two or more fertilizer, mixing of additive premix. Features: horizontal mixer materials are fully mixed, thus improve the mixing uniformity; Light body structure of the novel rotor, rotor and the minimum clearance can be adjusted to close to zero, effectively reduce the residual material; Classification of horizontal mixer, horizontal mixer and model according to the use and can be divided into horizontal heating stirring, powder mixing machine, small horizontal mixer, large horizontal mixer, horizontal grinder, etc. , its application areas including chemical, plastic, rubber, food, engineering construction, etc. Horizontal mixer price: horizontal mixer each model each size is different, the price of general small better horizontal mixer in about 3000 +, the price of this is just a reference price, specific to see each brand models of quotation. Detergent production factory house, the previous: the benefits and usage of laundry detergent
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