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The choice of laundry detergent making machine

by:Meibao     2020-10-25
When it comes to detergent, believes everyone not unfamiliar, washing powder production machine, but you know what it is? Including in our daily life of shampoo, detergent, hand sanitizer, washing liquid, gel water, conditioner, laundry detergent, all-around water, shower gel, liquid detergent, etc. These products belong to the scope of the detergent, of course, there are many other related title, basically they produce formula on about the same, because making machine, detergent production machine, the center of the recipe ingredients are water. Water is composed of detergent products satisfy the standard of drinking water through disposal of liquid detergent to lose. About 80% in the ordinary detergent products are water and detergent production mechanism as a machine, so the water quality directly affects the stability of detergent products. Inform us liquid detergent production machine, production experience, the conductivity of liquid detergent as long as no more than 20 ms/cm, can satisfy the requirement of production. Tap water and groundwater containing calcium and magnesium ions, with shampoo, laundry detergent, hand sanitizer, washing liquid, gel water, conditioner, baked ointment, laundry detergent, the main components of the almighty, shower gel, liquid detergent alkyl benzene sulfonic acid generated precipitation, affect the transparency. In short, the production of detergent water cannot contain ingredients, hardness is not contain calcium and magnesium ions, because is anionic surfactant, reverse osmosis water treatment machine, will generate precipitation. The choice, the choice of detergent for polyester knitted fabric detergent detergent packing machine, must pay attention to the following questions: 1, the low temperature washing performance good, because the washing polyester thermoplastic fibers, such as assuming that high temperature weather, easy to make the fabric pull or fold, especially for low elastic polyester filament knitted fabric, more attention should be paid to avoid fiber crimp straightened, shrink, reduced elastic fabric, feel is rough, so must choose when the temperature is lower the washing efficiency is still a good detergent. 2, not easy to blister: knitted fabric washing has, to the direction of continued the foamability hypothesis detergent is very strong, due to the accumulation of foam so that production is hard to stop. After low foaming ability and good detergent washing efficiency is less, because making machine, although some non-ionic detergent foaming ability lower, but also when diluted blister easily. 3 is better, the washing effect of sustainability: decomposition of fibers and the affinity of the oil is larger, the oil even from fiber strip but often easy since the lotion to fiber absorption, laundry detergent packing machine, called 'contamination' again. Can choose the detergent, therefore, not only requires strong strip, and can make the dispersing of dirt to form stable suspension system, is advantageous to the washing performance, and to choose to have certain sterilization ability. 4, no corrosion of industrial production machine: detergent is corrosive, detergent making machine for a long time can lead to serious corrosion phenomenon, this problem cannot be ignored. Non-ionic detergent is significant, and coexist with detergent salts are more likely to cause corrosion of industrial water making machine, horizontal mixer. At the same time meet the requirements of the above four detergent does not see more, experiments prove that nonionic is better. The emulsifying performance is very good, nonionic detergent low concentration can show good washing effect, especially alkyl phenol kind of detergent at low temperature performance is better than the average. Related standards shown in detergent products are using the liquid detergent, liquid detergent production machine, laundry detergent production machine, including relevant product formula is clearly marked for liquid detergent, liquid detergent after refers to remove the impurities in the form of ion of pure water. Because detergent formula are basically the same, so in choosing a laundry detergent production machine, detergent production machine, liquid detergent select normal when making machine manufacturers, factory will tell you the relevant formula, at the same time, the mechanical quality and after-sale guarantee, so as to produce satisfactory products. Also worthy of note, production water detergent, laundry detergent, making machine, also has asked for bacteria, are normally need to configure the ultraviolet sterilization device, pure water storage not beyond 2 days, and the real production, basically all is now active, because making machine, direct emptying the water from the tank when not in use, it also can effectively prevent bacterial breeding, protect everyone's physical and mental health. Detergent production factory house, the previous: laundry detergent production machine: laundry detergent distinguish five methods
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