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The big business of washing powder finally came

by:Meibao     2020-10-23
Washing powder is heavy duty diesel vehicles to achieve the four necessary for emissions standards. Washing powder is refers to the urea concentration is 32. The urea aqueous solution of 5% and the solvent for ultrapure water, raw material for urea crystal and ultrapure water. Heavy trucks, buses and other diesel vehicles to achieve the four emissions standards, be about to choose a suitable SCR on tail gas processing system, and the system must use urea solution to deal with nox in the exhaust gas. Therefore, detergent solution became heavy trucks and buses to reach the discharge standard of essential products. Washing powder ( The diesel engine exhaust gas treatment fluid) Is colorless, transparent, clear liquid, the earliest use in Europe, which comes in urea tank, if I found you have nitrogen oxides in the exhaust pipe, urea can automatic jet washing powder, both the SCR reaction vessel REDOX reaction, generating no pollution of nitrogen and water. With the 2019 five strong push, and add a sensor in the exhaust pipe there is monitoring tail gas of urea injection quantity must match with the concentration of nitrogen oxides, at the same time of guarantee to reduce nitrogen oxides, no more than quantity. Of urea injection quantity too little, the processing of any level, of urea injection quantity is overmuch, can make excess ammonia atmosphere, lead to new pollution. Sensors detect the exhaust not up to standard, 50 km will automatically shut down after the vehicle parking. Add unqualified or without washing powder and less add and add mineral water are unable to make the vehicle running! In the course of carriage, washing powder need to avoid light and heat. The best transportation and storage temperature should be kept in - 5℃- Between 25 ℃, high temperature can cause the urea decomposition. In the onboard process, need to washing powder packing necessary shockproof measures to avoid bumps and leakage, corrosion of vehicles. In addition, if the washing powder purity is not enough or quality and inferior, vehicle engine, can occur in a slowdown. At the same time, quality and inferior urea will contaminate the catalyst of SCR catalytic reaction vessel, thereby causing serious consequences. Each truck use detergent in about 1 _2 tons, in 2016, the nation's usage in the preliminary statistics of 6. 5 million tons. The eastern 11 provinces ( Beijing, tianjin, hebei, liaoning, Shanghai, jiangsu, zhejiang, fujian, shandong, zhejiang province and hainan province) On April 1, 2016 implement the five standards. Environmental protection department and the ministry issued announcement about following the fifth phase of motor vehicle standards prescribed all across the country, the manufacture, import, sales, and registration of the light-duty gasoline vehicles, heavy duty diesel vehicles ( Coach and bus, sanitation, postal purposes) , you must conform to the requirements of the five standards. Hangzhou machinery making machine company has a professional r&d team, advanced assembly lines, one-stop shop to provide you with a full range of laundry detergent production machine, laundry detergent production machine, washing powder making machine, car shampoo making machine, cleaning supplies making machine and so on, mainly aimed at different areas also provide large and small factories, technology transfer services, products sell well all over the country. The company is registered by the bureau of commerce, market supervision bureau of formal verification of normal manufacturer! Detergent production factory house, the previous: choose the right washing powder making machine project, choose the right brand to have competitiveness in the market
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