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The benefits and usage of laundry detergent

by:Meibao     2020-10-25
High biodegradation of environmental protection and low energy consumption less emissions scarcity of environmental wake-up call, detergent in the market must be from polluting energy intensive development towards the direction of the low carbon and water. Laundry detergent born from that moment on, the choice of the route of low carbon environmental protection. Cleaning products industry in China as early as 2008 annual meeting, participants are affirmed his low carbon environmental protection characteristics of laundry detergent. In line with the low carbon environmental protection concept of laundry detergent will become the detergent in the direction of development in the future. ( The benefits of laundry detergent | | laundry detergent production machine laundry detergent) High protection laundry detergent using high and new technology, using a mild liquid formula, with wash protect the unity of the multiple function. Compared to traditional detergent, laundry detergent alkaline low, performance is more moderate, does not damage clothes and hands, its protective clothing, protect the skin, protect the environment, the popular new comprehensive protective properties, as more and more families recognized and accepted. Biodegradation laundry detergent use neutral materials, such as the surfactant, the biodegradation degree of over 90%, achieved similar material degradation degree is high, will impact on the environment after discharge to a degree. Applicability is wide and its protection of clothing color: a delicate materials such as silk, wool, feather not alkali resistance, unfavorable use alkaline cleaning products, and neutral detergent applicable scope is wide, such as our laundry detergent is suitable for cotton, hemp, silk, wool, Wool, feather, etc. ) , synthetic fiber, blended each texture such as clothes, also applies to close-fitting clothing infant clothing, underwear, etc. Alkaline washing products easy rinse residues, use for a long time will accelerate become yellow to become old clothes, rinse clean clothes of stimulus to human skin. And neutral detergent for clothes has certain protective effect, not easy to remain, after washing clothes without harm to the body. Detergent production factory house, the previous: industry experts a recruit to teach you to 'see through' laundry detergent
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