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The advantages of reverse osmosis technology in pure water water treatment

by:Meibao     2020-10-26
1, social benefits, RO reverse osmosis is the most advanced desalination technology, reverse osmosis water treatment machine, using the RO desalination of water, desalination rate is over 97%. The process work light, dinky maintenance, RO implement automatic operation, staffing, convenient operation and management. IEX is widely used since the seventy s of the desalination process, it is accomplished by chemical exchange IEX for desalination of water. The process of operation is more maintenance amount is larger, personnel configuration is more, in addition to salt water process system from the current boiler applications, IEX gradually replaced by RO process. Liquid detergent production machine 2, the environmental benefits of RO reverse osmosis is powered by electricity without alkali regeneration, if for IEX work cycle for 1 day, all of them, and then USES the RO 97% of salt removal from raw water, in use IEX to take 3% of the salt, will make the IEX work cycle extended to more than 30 days long, greatly reduce the emissions of acid and alkali regeneration of waste liquid, reduces the impact on the environment, greatly reduce the financial burden on the acid and alkali waste water treatment. Whole IEX except salinization study exchange, need alkali regeneration, the regeneration frequency big, acid and alkali consumption, on the surrounding water and atmosphere environment have bigger influence. Washing powder production machine 3, economic benefit of water making cost reduction, usually the cost about 2. 5 yuan/ton ( Interim 1 including raw water cost. 0 yuan/tons of water, and wages discounts, etc. ) About two years, the process of investment from saving the cost of the acid and alkali recovery, emergency benefit is very significant. IEX process cost of water in 5. 0 yuan/ton. Laundry detergent production machine 4, the process characteristics of RO reverse osmosis of raw water salinity adaptability is strong, due to raw water desalination 97%, terminal effluent is stable and good quality. Application of RO membrane technology development history, production technology has been very mature, imports of RO membrane element can be stable operation of more than 5 years IEX cycle affected by raw water salinity changes a lot, to extend the operating cycle, often need to add a lot of IEX making machine. Process covers an area of big, operation management is not convenient. Laundry detergent production machine 5, and other content RO reverse osmosis water use ratio of about 97%, or 25% of the water as the process water consumption, but in the water and IEX has essential difference between acid and alkali waste water, the water is salty, and the water off the same as the raw water, can be used as a backwash water and boiler ash, etc. About 85 - IEX water use ratio 90%, craft USES basic is acid and alkali waste water, cannot use. Laundry detergent making machine washing powder production factory house, the previous: reverse osmosis water treatment machine: the role of reverse osmosis scale inhibitor
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