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Tell you washing powder production machine detergent auxiliary functions and types

by:Meibao     2020-10-30
1970 - 01 - 01 tell you washing powder equipment detergent auxiliary function and type the first few article introduces detergent surfactants, as we all know simply using surfactant can be quite satisfactory cleaning effect, if add some other material to improve the washing ability, not only can get better washing effect, but also the economy, this kind of additives as detergent builder. Detergent auxiliary usually has the following functions: 1, can with high cation chelation, soften hard water washing. 2, there is anti coagulation effect of solid dirt or dispersion effect; 3, the alkaline buffer role; 4, prevent dirt deposition. Detergent builder is a lot of more phyletic, most of them is special product, its using frequency and importance in the detergent is not inferior to the main surfactant. Classification method by habit, detergent auxiliary basically has the following categories: 1, 2, solubilizer, increasing 3 foam agent, thickening agent 4, conditioner 5, emulsifier 6, softening agent 7, 8, 9 chelating agent, solvent buffer 10, 11, 12 fungicide pearl agent and disinfectant, deodorant 13 14 15, uv absorber, bleach, 16 17 18, moisturizing agent, antistatic agent, antioxidant, 19, 20, abrasive 21 enzyme preparation, 22, pigment, essence, if you know these detergent builder, you make detergent technology, will further enhance detergent production equipment. A: shampoo remind you use opportunely detergent production equipment manufacturer
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