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Tell you laundry detergent equipment washing powder marketing methods are there?

by:Meibao     2020-10-18
The current climate, suitable detergent production, although is a very good investment projects, but we think: business in addition to have the advanced technology and high quality products, also need to have good, suitable for their own laundry detergent marketing strategy. In the current famous detergent brands occupy a large market share environment, how to find a new way in the detergent product sales, many entrepreneurs just begin to do this project is an urgent need to understand and solve problems. Washing powder marketing method, comparative method 1 correlation method: this method is common in ten sales methods, the basic method of sales. With the facts, compared to sales. A new product, consumers are generally not recognized, why? Because they don't know, because of understanding and recognition. In terms of washing powder, most consumers are like foam, strong detergency of more products. How to prove that we have more product foam, strong detergency? We use is simple and scientific method - — Correlation method. Method is: use a packet of local famous brand detergent and our own production of washing powder under the same conditions, The same amount of washing powder, the same amount of water, the same amount of dirt) On-site contrast, mixing than bubble with the hand, with the hand rub than decontamination. According to the performance of the products, to cater to consumers' listening to the sounds as the imaginary, seeing is believing 'consumer psychology, such as markets, vegetable markets, the mall or school place with more traffic scene contrast. With a good 'comparison method' is a persuasive one, once consumers see bubbles and the effect of the strong detergency, so more real, will greatly enhance the purchase desire. Washing powder marketing method 2, advertisement law, advertisement law: when you spread the market basically, and then choose to live on local television, traffic channel, channel, to product advertising, newspapers and magazines in the market, markets, schools, factories and other places to send flyers. Company headquarters will be after delivery across households reached 300, unified advertising arrangement: in CCTV's advertising, everyone, everyone benefits. Marketing method 3, welfare law welfare law: at the feast, many units will give staff welfare, labor insurance, such as rice, oil, detergent powder, detergent, such as living things, if you have very good connections, manages the logistics life of leadership, or contact with the product quality and price advantage, to let them accept your product into units, schools, training center and base, as long as several links, you will have a lot of sales. Cooperate area gradually expand the sale scope, increase sales. 4, li (marketing method Award) Product law ( Award) Taste method: because of the fierce competition between gas stations, a lot of petrol stations in addition to lower oil price promotions, also often: some of the launch of the XX gifts fill it up with how much liter activity, and daily necessities such as washing powder, detergent, became them. Result: supplies home will be used, more practical. Second: compared with the other gifts, budgets are relatively low. In this way, they are not choose brand of washing products, and our products will be with high quality and low price to obtain their trust. If you link to a certain quantity of gas station, I believe your sales will be to the next level. There are such as mobile, unicom, telecom, and so on the unit can be to contact. Laundry detergent laundry detergent equipment price next article: what are in the production of detergent equipment purchase skills? A: tableware detergent detergent national quality standard is what?
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