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Run a small laundry detergent factories need to how much money investment, laundry detergent market?

by:Meibao     2020-10-20
Beginning in 2007, the traditional detergent making machine ( Such as washing powder, soap) Sales growth slows significantly, especially the washing powder appear even negative growth, reflecting the detergent making machine market is undergoing structural changes. What kind of changes have taken place in the market? Jilin province in 2017, laundry detergent and washing powder sales growth ratio is 4:1 ( Laundry detergent washing powder is 4 times) Can be seen, sales growth ratio is 3:1, laundry detergent growth momentum is very strong; Hebei laundry detergent increased by 33% in the first half of this year, and washing powder by 4. 7%; The proportion of laundry detergent and washing powder in guangxi was 6:4 ( 60% of laundry detergent, washing powder 40%) , the market changes very fast. Because a large number of entering the market haven't a few years, but consumers will soon catch up with the tide, to illustrate that the market of laundry detergent production greatly. Do a small laundry detergent factory need to invest much money? 20000 yuan can be started. A small laundry detergent production machine + semi-automatic filling machine + code + the first batch of raw material and bottles. Provide laundry detergent production machine can be produced in multi-usage, laundry detergent, tableware detergent, shampoo, shampoo, conditioner, metal conditioner, shower gel, hand sanitizer, all-around water, antifreeze, head of water, engine cleaning agent, tires brightener, air-conditioning cleaning agents, air cleaner, liquid paint, foam car wash liquid, glass cleaner, collar, net, etc. More than 100 kinds of liquid washing products. Saving product single worry, repeated investment and realize the product operating sales, rapid accumulation of wealth. Laundry detergent production cost is low: 0. 7 yuan/jins special laundry detergent formulation to be able to compete with famous brand product on the market. Can produce laundry detergent and liquid detergent only need 10 - The original + 80-20% 90% water, the production of liquid detergent raw material consumption, water consumption is large, so the cost is low, but the market price is high, the profit is as high as 100 - 500%. Every family will use liquid detergent products, everybody must, big market sales. China's domestic users ms deng in 2006 to invest 100000 factory, so far, the profit for the year reached more than 2 million. Laundry detergent formulation with market competitiveness: laundry detergent formulation, plant extract and compound enzyme is added to the environmental protection performance is greatly improved, the daily special heavy dirty stain natural decomposition speed, high cleanliness; Laundry detergent formula continuously updated technology, life-long free: provide the technical support by more than 70 patents inventor: how about go to purchasing raw materials? How to analyze brand products sold formula ( After the analysis of the product formula, the production of finished product quality can be comparable to brand-name products) 吗? How to test the quality of the raw materials? How to guide clients create a simple inspection room? How to test the quality of the finished product? Provide standard chemical plant proposal and so on. Laundry detergent making machine structure decides the quality of laundry detergent: the traditional process of detergent production machine, a mixer device is installed on the solvent stirring, due to the uneven mixing emulsion products is not good enough, lead to upper solvent concentration is too small, so can only put more raw material, which increases the cost. Because of emulsion is not good enough, after a period of time the product easy to layer, easy to bad. Using a new technique, shearing machine and mixer, placed in the upper machine two high speed rotation device ( In the production of 3000 r/min, the noise below 50 decibels) , the product can fully stirring and emulsifying, concentration to, product is not easy to layered, save the cost and at the same time guarantee the quality. The lower installation is emulsification device, it can dissolve the difficult to complete emulsion solvent circulation, make shelf life extension ( Than regular to extend shelf life of one year) 。 Do a small laundry detergent factory need to invest much money? Investment of 20000 yuan to buy back the production conform to the national standard of laundry detergent laundry detergent production machine, provide a full range of plant material certificate formalities, lifelong enjoy technology formula update, free of charge to provide users with product quality inspection, etc. National patent inventor tel: 137 - 8720 - WeChat ID: 2028-137 8720 - 2028
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