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Rumors disclosure: long-term use of detergent will be harmful to your health

by:Meibao     2020-10-19
'Detergent' just walk into our ordinary people, are indeed bring a surprise to people, squeeze a drop or two in the water, will soon be able to remove the dishes oily be soiled, followed by the dishes detergent, detergent also appeared, convenient we clean the melon and fruit, remove residual pesticides. Detergent ingredient is surface active agent, decontamination principle is very simple, it contains a variety of active ingredients, emulsifier, the ingredients for a variety of greasy stains, harmful material dissolution, emulsification, dispersion of suspension, then rinse it out from tableware surface separation, to achieve the effect of clean tableware; Some detergent also has an element of disinfection sterilization, can remove harmful microorganisms, prevent the illness. For detergent commonplace in our life, believe you as a consumer, also must have such doubt: they are safe? Especially in the news about 'detergent added a variety of chemicals, cancer! 'Similar to gossip. Circulating spread from 2014 tableware detergent products quality supervision and spot check result of special, the sampling range is very wide, involved in 28 provinces, municipalities directly under the central government, autonomous regions, 380 companies. The results show that the product percent of pass is 93. 6%, equivalent to a random sample of 100 items, of which 94 are qualified, and the main factors for the unqualified product is formaldehyde to exceed bid, detergency, total active substance content is not up to standard and so on. See here, readers can make a judgment in the heart, the correct way of saying it should not 'detergent carcinogenic', but 'the unqualified detergent carcinogenic formaldehyde to exceed bid'. The harm of formaldehyde on human body is very big, especially for skin and mucosa, long-term chronic inhalation concentration of 0. 45 mg/m ^ 3 of formaldehyde, will lead to increased incidence of chronic respiratory disease; Also has a potential toxicity for human liver, formaldehyde; On animal immune system, formaldehyde has inhibitory effect, related to the occurrence of a wide variety of tumor, so say it a bit too much of cancer, scientists for its qualitative is suspected carcinogen, can cause nerve cell degeneration necrosis, DNA, RNA synthesis reduce; In addition, formaldehyde can also dilute solution of cell plasma protein occurs irreversible solidification, normal function of the cell is restrained, and even damage and so on. Believe that a large section of the harm consumers have creepy: if the formaldehyde when washing tableware detergent residues on the tableware, long-term intake of trace must be harmful to human body. Next up: detergent in moderation can make better washing effect on an article: principle of laundry detergent production equipment of the equipment is what?
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