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Reverse osmosis water treatment making machine stopped for a long time

by:Meibao     2020-10-26
Reverse osmosis making machine adopts the international advanced reverse osmosis membrane separation technology, the introduction of imported membrane element, can effectively remove the suspended solids, colloid, bacteria and microbe in the raw water and other impurities. Reverse osmosis making machine is widely used in various industries. If ro making machine shut down for a long time, chemical cleaning for reverse osmosis membrane, then sealed in protection solution, so as to prolong the service life of reverse osmosis membrane. How to long-term preservation of reverse osmosis membrane, the following brief introduction. Reverse osmosis water treatment making machine when reverse osmosis making machine need downtime for a long time more than 3 days, the membrane element in the system will need to make the proper preservation program. Generally 3 to 5 days, downtime can be protected with a certain concentration solution to save. If you want to stop more than a week, will replace the protection solution, in order to save more time. Note: liquid detergent production machine laundry detergent production machine 1) Membrane cleaning frequency is usually once every three months or longer. Frequent cleaning can cause physical unrecoverable damage to membrane. Laundry detergent production machine (2) Membrane cleaning is generally follow the laws of the alkaline cleaning after pickling process. Cleaner is a strict requirements. Detergent washing powder production machine production factory house, the previous: reverse osmosis water treatment making machine under what circumstances need to clean
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