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Reverse osmosis water treatment make chance prepared and run the process

by:Meibao     2020-10-21
Reverse osmosis water treatment making machine need to prepare before operation, preparation work is as follows: 1, completely open the security filter water inlet valve and open the high-pressure pump inlet valve. 2, open the high-pressure pump outlet valve. 3, open the RO inlet valve. 4, rotate the thick needle valve covers three and a half circle. 5, completely open water outlet valve and the water outlet valve. 6, put all the sampling valve and clean the valve closed. 7, will display all pressure valve opens to the ajar. Reverse osmosis water treatment making machine running process: 1, the pretreatment to reverse osmosis, the pure water tank - ion exchanger - ultraviolet sterilization to pure water pump, water point 2 - level 1 reverse osmosis - level 2 reverse osmosis, pretreatment to pure water, pure water pump to ultraviolet sterilization, water point 3, pretreatment to reverse osmosis, middle water tank to intermediate water pump to EDI device, pure water, pure water pump -> uv sterilization to point 4, water pretreatment, ultraviolet radiation sterilization to level 1 reverse osmosis unit, level 2 reverse osmosis device to the middle water tank, EDI device - deoxidization device - pure water tank to polishing mixed bed, the ultrafiltration device - point with water washing powder production factory house, in an article:' Detergent production machine 】 Detergent can really wash the car?
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