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Production principle of detergent solution

by:Meibao     2020-10-29
1970 - 01 - 01 detergent solution is how to produce? Below follow in the footsteps of washing powder equipment manufacturers together to understand the production of detergent solution production process! Detergent solution composition: detergent solution is made up of 67. 5% ultrapure water and 32. 5% of high purity specialty detergent, so washing powder equipment nine is divided into two important component. Production principle of the detergent solution: 1, ultrapure water production; Pretreatment was carried out on the water, including the removal of water and sediment, impurity, iron ions, reduce the water hardness, and washing powder to high precision filtration, softened water equipment, first-class secondary ro reverse osmosis, EDI ultrapure water filtration, removal of all metal ions in water, ultrapure water production for detergent solution. 2, make high purity detergent raw materials mixed with ultrapure water. This process using stirred tank will high purity detergent raw materials mixed with ultrapure water mixing, may use in the process of mixing heating device to promote accelerated dissolve detergent raw materials. This detergent solution production process is over. A: detergent development prospects and market potential
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