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Liquid detergent white sediment is what?

by:Meibao     2020-10-29
1970 - 01 - 01 have card friends recently discovered there is white sediment at the bottom of the liquid detergent, so very worry, use these liquid detergent will affect the car's moving. So, what are the white precipitate in liquid detergent? Next, hangzhou car washing powder urea production equipment manufacturers from the following several aspects: the white sediment liquid! A, liquid detergent white precipitate is formed in what condition? Met sediment liquid detergent powder with white card friends may wish to recall that is generally found that liquid detergent white sediment is in winter, especially in the north, some friends and card to store liquid detergent frozen ice, such as card friends put detergent liquid after melting, found in white at the bottom of the sediment. So, the low temperature is one of the conditions of sediment deposited by the liquid detergent. Second, liquid detergent white sediment is what? Based on the spirit of scientific and realistic, we will white sediment air-dried and sampling, testing results show that the main composition white sediment are three urea. The solubility of three urea in the low temperature low, three urea density high, slowly precipitate out, liquid detergent rendered turbid state, if the continuous low temperature, three urea can form white sediment. When the temperature increases, solution and get clarification. This is why card friends detergent liquid ice dissolved after find the reason of white precipitate. A: detergent factory equipment investment, matters needing attention
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