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Liquid detergent production machine: the basic knowledge of water treatment

by:Meibao     2020-10-26
Liquid detergent production machine main use: cosmetics industry: protect skin to taste with pure water, shampoo production with pure water, hair dye production with pure water, toothpaste production production water washing with water fluid; Electronic industry: aluminum foil cleaning; Tube spraying liquor; Show phase tube; Glass shell, precipitation, moisture, cleaning washing film, tube neck cleaning; LCD screen cleaning and liquor: the transistor and the integrated circuit of silicon wafer cleaning water, make water; Reverse osmosis water treatment machine battery industry: lithium battery production liquid detergent production machine, battery production liquid detergent production machine, solar cell production liquid detergent production; Concrete admixture liquid detergent production machine; Glass coated with liquid detergent production machine, glass cleaning liquid detergent production machine, cleaning liquid detergent production of lamps and lanterns; Detergent production machines, textile printing and dyeing industry, printing and dyeing auxiliaries compound liquid detergent production machine, wet towel made of liquid detergent, mask liquid detergent production machine, ultrasonic cleaning water making machine; Coating industry: paint confecting liquid detergent production machine, electroplating compound cleaning liquid detergent production machine, electrophoresis paint confecting cleaning liquid detergent production machine; Laundry detergent production machine liquid detergent production machine application field 1, industrial ultrapure water treatment technology, is currently the industrial ultrapure water on the preparation of one of the most popular a kind of technology application. Because making machine 2, ion exchange resin can be used in the food industry, sugar, monosodium glutamate, alcohol refined, biological products and other industrial device. Because making machine 3, pharmaceutical industry, ion exchange resin to the development of a new generation of antibiotics and to improve the quality of original antimicrobial plays an important role. Successful development is outstanding example of streptomycin. Laundry detergent production machine 4, synthetic chemical and petrochemical industry in acid and alkali is commonly used in organic synthesis as a catalyst for the esterification, hydrolysis, ester exchange, hydration reaction. The metal ions in 5, electroplating effluent, recycling filmmaking useful substances in the waste liquor, etc. 6, hydrometallurgy and other ion exchange resin can be from the separation, enrichment and purification of depleted uranium in uranium and rare-earth elements and precious metal extraction. Detergent production factory house, the previous: liquid detergent application field of making machine
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