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Laundry - — White and clean

by:Meibao     2020-10-18
The laundry detergent market, bleached detergents remove meet the demand of consumers' daily washing and cleaning, compared with the brand of laundry detergent, the level of energy efficiency and a greater degree of ascension. Washing ability in the field of wash protect popularization has experienced four or five years, and detergent ecological fast-growing, skip directly to the market, and the price is breeding period, show the 'do not increase the price,' the second half of this year the washing ability has already become the preferred that consumers when buying laundry detergent products function. Initial laundry detergent production enterprises will be DD washing direct-drive technology application in bleached detergents, bleach and smooth direct connection, eliminating the traditional a brand of laundry detergent, bleach, cleaning and other wash protect technology. The improvement of laundry detergent and center of rotation is consistent, reduced the offset range, which reduced the bleaching power failure probability and bleaching of transmission noise. High-end bleaching laundry detergent in the market are using DD washing direct driving mode, but the bleaching because the cause of the high price, application of this kind of technology of bleaching laundry detergent cannot be popularized in the mass consumer market. Bleached detergents in the level of mass consumer market, has prompted some vendors to apply washing ability in price more populist laundry detergent. Industry analysts to cosmetic products, according to application on laundry detergent washing ability, will become the core technology upgrading in the coming year. In the future, detergent will have broad market prospects, economical detergent will meet mass replacement demand of consumers. Among them, the power has been wandering around in the top five laundry detergent and homebred brand position, but will wash ability used in laundry detergent to grab the first. But with the enlargement of the bleaching laundry detergent market also appeared on the market a lot of pretending to be bleached detergents 'pseudo washing laundry detergent products. Although this kind of product use laundry detergent washing motor compound, but the machine still, internal structure, designed the bleaching, bleaching, wheel cleaning and transmission parts. The laundry detergent products, although in the nominally called bleaching laundry detergent, but on the use effect and the traditional non brand laundry detergent difference is not big, can't solve the problem of the brand of laundry detergent often appear fault, with the annoying noise problem. Detergent powder making machine next article: concentrated laundry detergent and ordinary laundry detergent that good? A: laundry detergent principle and principle are introduced
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