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Laundry detergent use instructions!

by:Meibao     2020-10-21
Laundry detergent for car is very important, whether in winter or summer, everybody to pay attention to the timely add laundry detergent and replacement of laundry detergent. The laundry detergent production vendors would use replacement method about laundry detergent! 1, different depot Suggestions to original laundry detergent replacement cycle will vary, but most of the manufacturer's suggested owners once every 2 years to replace vehicles laundry detergent, there are also some manufacturers show its original laundry detergent replacement cycle for four or five years. But anyway, in short, you want to change are nothing more than a replacement cycle length. 2, at the time of replacement of laundry detergent, the first and most important is to vehicles such as cooling, do not under the engine is in a state of high temperature change of laundry detergent. There is a risk of burns, and secondly in 'hot' put off laundry detergent can also affect the cooling of the vehicle. Heat 3, general just driving car in half an hour after flameout, the water temperature will be significantly lower, can replace laundry detergent work at this time. Step 1: water, water method, there are many more normative operation is to the roof, turned on the water at the bottom of the screw, let the laundry detergent from the eduction in the drain screw holes. Using this method has certain hardware requirements, is the need for a vehicle lifting machine, there is a downside is that use the drain screw put laundry detergent speed will be slow. 4, there is also a not very standardized, but was very practical and most of the repair shop, The 4 s shop) Way is adopted by the direct dial 'drain', the benefits of this operation is to drain faster and does not need to lift the vehicle roof rack. At the same time, repair shop staff said that water will be faster than using the drain screw, thoroughly. ( On a more thorough this say, we don't have to confirm) 5 on the water, but no matter use which kinds of means, it is impossible to all the car put clean laundry detergent, in areas such as the engine water jacket, condenser will still remain a lot of laundry detergent. When therefore recommend for laundry detergent, try to choose original designated laundry detergent, must avoid a mixture of different brands and models of laundry detergent. 6, but whether you take a direct replacement or rinse after replacement, are likely to remain old laundry detergent or water in the cooling system. Thus weakens the new laundry detergent 'freeze' ability, basic cannot avoid this question, you also need not too entanglements. The solution is a time when the choose and buy, or deployment of laundry detergent, to 'freezing point' to set aside more allowance. 7, charging new laundry detergent, can be directly to the liquid storage tank into the about 3. About 5 l ( Depending on the model) The laundry detergent, liquid level height reach the upper limit of MAX position after stop filling. Now unscrew the drain screw beside the 'pipe', and continue to start filling laundry detergent, laundry detergent from the screw in a steady stream of water gushed out, and not with bubbles will drain screw again after, so far the first filling of laundry detergent and object completely work is almost done. After eight, launch vehicles, 3 - idle movement 5 minutes to let the vehicle into the normal operating temperature, and make the new change of laundry detergent can full circulation in the interior water channel, then shut down the engine, open storage tank will find liquid level height decreases, then only need to add the right amount of laundry detergent to keep the liquid level between MAX and MIN. Detergent production factory house, the previous: can use agricultural urea instead of washing powder?
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