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Laundry detergent, soap powder, washing powder using on what's the difference?

by:Meibao     2020-10-18
Laundry detergent for washing the neckline, cuffs, etc. Its permeability, the stronger than laundry detergent to wash clean, especially suitable for machine wash. Soap powder is suitable for washing underclothes. Because soap powder easy to wash, is suitable for cleaning close-fitting clothing and children's clothes. Washing powder is suitable for washing sofa cover, jacket and other heavy goods. Although the cleaning effect is good, not easy to rinse. It will discomfort, the skin is sensitive crowd suggested multi-purpose rinse it again. Detergent suggested usage should be few, because the washing powder is generally not neutral ph value, dosage of acid and alkali and laundry detergent are generally neutral can more. Water temperature should be higher when using soap powder. When machine wash water temperature higher, soap powder is easier to give full play to the cleaning effect. If, wash clothes by hand, it is best to soak for 10 minutes or so, and then washing. Soap detergent powder making machine production equipment: next article laundry detergent production equipment manufacturers on laundry detergent on the national standard of an article: how to correctly use laundry detergent washing clothes
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