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Laundry detergent production machine: the choice of laundry detergent and the change of time

by:Meibao     2020-10-24
Car maintenance, replacement of laundry detergent is one of the most key maintenance projects. In view of the north-south temperature difference is bigger, can choose according to the local natural temperature laundry detergent, generally it is recommended to use - north 45 degrees of laundry detergent, general use - south 25 degrees. If there is no special requirements, the vehicle is not the lower the freezing point, the better! In order to better protect the cooling system, so in choosing a laundry detergent to pay attention to the points, firstly, pay attention to the freezing point of choice laundry detergent to look at the 'freezing point' of the product value, the lower the freezing point of antifreeze products in extreme low temperature environment effect is better. With high technology content of mobil antifreeze antirust liquid, for example, the product - freezing point 45 ℃, can ensure that the engine in extreme cold weather is functioning normally. Second, comprehensive rust corrosion protection function is the key engine cooling system using a wide variety of materials, including aluminum, copper, iron, steel, zinc, rubber, plastic, etc. , design more than ten years of life, can be a lot of cars in permeability, water wait for a phenomenon, it's all fake laundry detergent, good laundry detergent can comprehensive protective for all material, put an end to this kind of phenomenon. In general, the quality of laundry detergent have two elements: a low enough freezing point and excellent anticorrosion performance, so as to achieve comprehensive protection and the requirement of the engine cooling system, not only help your car security through the cold winter, can ensure that your car's engine running smoothly for a long time. Laundry detergent replacement cycle: different depot change cycle of original laundry detergent proposal will vary, but most of the manufacturer's suggested owners once every 2 years to replace vehicles laundry detergent, there are also some manufacturers show its original laundry detergent replacement cycle for four or five years. But anyway, in short, you want to change are nothing more than a replacement cycle length. ( Because making machine laundry detergent production machine) Detergent production factory house, the previous: laundry detergent production machine: the shelf life of laundry detergent
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