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Laundry detergent production machine, stainless steel conveyor belt application range

by:Meibao     2020-10-24
Stainless steel conveyor belt is a kind of friction drive in continuous way transport material machinery accessories. It can be material in certain transportation on-line, from the original material feeding point to the final discharge point is formed between a material conveying process. It can break bulk material transporting, also can be transported into the line into the item. Except for pure material conveying, can also with various industrial enterprise production process match the process requirement, the formation of rhythmic flow process route. Application has the following content: ( 1) Food biscuit industry net belt, cooling injection machine mesh belt, flat bending machine mesh belt, chocolate coating machine b type mesh belt. Production of biscuit machinery at the same time, the spray egg machine b net net belt conveyer, and meat b, ultra-thin energy-saving mesh belt imported machines. ( 2) The instant noodles and steamed rice industry net belt, Fried box, drying box, card wire cutting knife, the knife, knife, comb, fulcrum, molding box, etc. ( 3) All kinds of frozen food, vegetables dehydration lines making machine, stainless steel flat chain chain chip removal. Conveyor chain, mesh belt, shaft, etc. ( 4) Glass products industry glass annealing LuWang, roast flowers LuWang, lose bottle machine mesh belt, Mosaic, mesh belt, specifications have crankshaft, straight shaft, diamond-shaped, twin screw type. ( 5) Manufacture all kinds of chain plate turning machine, mesh belt conveyor and design and manufacture of metal mesh chain belt. In the production of spring wire diameter range 0. 25 - 14 mm, compression spring, torsion spring, spring, tension spring, butterfly spring, spring etc. Tags: laundry detergent making machine laundry detergent packing machine washing powder production factory house, in an article: how to save time and effort to wash clothes?
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