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Laundry detergent join production sales channels

by:Meibao     2020-10-22
Washing supplies sales channels: 1, washing supplies wholesale market in the city daily washing supplies wholesale market of the total sales of more than 10000 kilograms, the bulk of shampoo, detergent, shower gel, accounted for more than 40%, with washing chemical professional and technical, the advantage of low cost, if you occupy all bulk washing supplies market, with an average KG1 yuan profit you profits in more than 4000 yuan every day, as high as 120000 yuan a month, even if only occupy 10% of the market, your profits have 1. 20000 yuan. 2, the guesthouse, the restaurant passengers going back and forth frequently, specially provide bactericidal detergent, hand sanitizer, sterilization disinfection bath dew, if every day with each hotel catharsis things add up to earn $30, you as long as in the local contact 10 hotels, daily profit is 300 yuan, 9000 yuan a month. Wine shop in bulk detergent consumption is amazing! 3, hair salon, a barbershop with a day off 2 jins shampoo, hair salon is 200 jins, 100 per kilogram cost for 1 - quality shampoo Price of 2 yuan, 5 yuan of above, the profits of 3 yuan per kilogram, is 1 per month. 80000 yuan. 4, industrial zone, factory each region has hardware factory, machinery factory, car repair shop, production workers to deal with the oil every day, wash hands resting, have a meal to wash their hands, to wash their hands after work, a dozens of small factory with detergent or a day ( Hand sanitizer) The dosage of 2 - 3 kg, if it's thousands of producers, every day hundreds of pounds, ten contact this factory, monthly sales of washing powder 3000 jins, earn 5 cents per kilogram, there are 1500 yuan. 5, store, a grocery store in a town of 30000 people, on average every 300 people there's a store, the town a total of 100, each sold three package every day, a day is 300 packages, total sales of each pack make 0. 5 yuan, the daily income is 150 yuan, 4500 yuan a month. 6, rose to a restaurant every day 2 jins detergent to calculate, the dosage of 0 per kilogram cost. 3 yuan per kilogram at 0. 6 yuan, daily profit is zero. 6 yuan, 18 yuan per month, each area county, the city has thousands of stalls, monthly profit 1. 80000 yuan, the school canteen, factory canteen, laundry, gear factory, tableware disinfection factory, restaurant, hotel but also the large consumer of detergent. 7, the market of washing products accounted for the entire store 5% of the total daily commodity, if the total revenue of 10000 yuan every day in a shopping mall, washing supplies of 500 yuan, the local has ten stores, sales of daily cleaning products is 5000 yuan, has an income of 150000 yuan a month. Detergent production factory house, the previous: let me teach you how to homemade laundry detergent?
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