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Laundry detergent ingredients classification, the need to pay attention to what issues?

by:Meibao     2020-10-23
If you want to achieve good decontamination effect, should contain enough of the active ingredient of washing powder. In order to guarantee the effect of washing detergent powder, the national departments for minimum content of active ingredients in washing powder. Used according to the type of surfactant, and product categories, the amount of active ingredients in the detergent general shall not be less than 13%; Because a lot of surface active agent has strong foaming ability, consumers can, on the basis of experience from detergent soluble in water after the foaming situation to judge the merits of the washing powder; But some dedicated to the platen washing machine washing powder, the foaming ability is poor than ordinary washing powder a lot. This is because the platen washing machine relies mainly on the clothes in the drum roll produced by mechanical force, to achieve the purpose of washing clothes; And washing solution bubble too much, will greatly abate the mechanical force, because of the clothes back and make the wash effect. Some provinces and cities formulated the local laws and regulations, the sale and use of prohibited or restricted contain phosphate detergent. Help in non phosphate detergent, is recognized by the industry can replace phosphate composition, is a substance known as zeolites. In addition, there are a variety of 'cheap' no phosphorus detergent, such as sodium carbonate, sodium silicate and their compounds of various kinds of proportion. Due to these without phosphorus fertilizer is eventually formed the precipitation of insoluble in water, if it can't effectively suspended in the water with them, they will sink on the clothes. Long-term use of this the result without phosphorus detergent will make clothes to harden, yellow. In order to prevent this kind of situation, design good without phosphorus detergent are used in the formulation of dispersant effectively, make the formation of insoluble particles will not deposit on the clothes. Although alkaline conducive to washing clothes, but excess alkaline substances will bring harm to clothes and skin, so the state to make the corresponding provisions, washing powder, alkaline qualified detergent shall comply with these requirements. In addition, as described earlier, these alkaline substances will form with hard water precipitation, while too much alkali can lead to form a large amount of precipitation when catharsis, makes the washing effect is poor. Synergistic ingredients note: as a matter of fact, many brands of detergent in the aspect of using the main component of the same, and the secrets of the various products are often on the synergistic ingredients. The adoption of various enzymes can greatly enhance the detergent for special ability to clean and wash the stain, such as blood, sweat, food oil, vegetables, fruit stains, etc; Bleach can decompose pigment type of stain is removed; Redeposition resistance agent can ensure that after repeated washing clothes do not graying hair is yellow. Keywords: detergent washing powder production machine production factory house, the previous: washing powder production machine: washing powder main composition is introduced
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