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How to deal with the tape glue residue on the glass

by:Meibao     2020-10-18
You probably had met glass paste adhesive tape tearing down will remain on a piece of glue, clean up is very troublesome, and if processes is not good to leave a scratch on the glass, here small make up to introduce a simple method of cleaning residue glue on the glass: prepare materials/tools: painted paper knife painted, painted small shovel banana water, warm water or steel wire ball is membrane cloth clear glue steps: 1, first of all, we want to make sure that the glue on the glass how much quantity, if more glue on the glass, we will be with a small shovel and paper knife to preliminary cleaning of glass glue, this time is mainly there will be a certain thickness of glue scrape some, reduce the thickness of the glue. Glass cleaning step 2, glue preliminarily cleared up with wipe cloth with hot water to scrub is stained with glue glass. 3, the use of steel wire ball to gently cut glass glue, remember that not too hard, smooth surface in order to avoid damage to the glass. 4, with clean cloth on banana oil on surface of glue on to wipe, until clean. Detergent powder making machine laundry detergent production equipment: next article detergent market consumer groups demand analysis in the previous: use washing fluid four problems should pay attention to wash the car!
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