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How to correctly use of laundry detergent washing clothes

by:Meibao     2020-10-19
A lot of people washing clothes are put together a pile of clothes in the washing machine, no matter don't ask, don't put some laundry detergent. In fact this is wrong, as people's living standards improve, now work clothes and fabrics each are not identical, so the washing method is different also, some are not suitable for use machine wash, if you use the washing machine easy to cause damage to clothing, or table form, rub off or other problems. Here we will look at how to wash clothes is right. Before washing his own clothes, please remember to read clothes care label. Some articles label showed that they are not recommended for dry machine, but need to wash in cold water, or not at all into the washing machine. Dry cleaning may be more suitable for you care, more expensive items, or more sophisticated fabrics, such as nylon or wool. Separate the white clothes and deep color clothes, unless you want to dyed all the clothes. Once you put the clothes in front of you, open the machine. When set the machine in their respective temperature, choose warm wash clothes, wash after cooling. Use hot water to wash clothes not only more expensive, but should not be used to wash cotton clothes. To open the machine will be the necessary amount of detergent into the washing machine. Use boxes or offer glass bottle to measure the amount of necessary. In front of the clothes into the washing machine, washing auxiliaries and rinse with water. Liquid detergent washing can be more effective, because not always properly dissolve powder detergent. For white load, it is recommended that the bleach better whitening your clothes, and help to remove stains more efficiently. Avoid bleaching in yourself or your clothes. Before joining bleach in clothes into the washing machine. Pour your dirty clothes into the washing machine. When in printed or specific color washing materials, washing clothes inside help keep the color of the item, and to avoid wash off color or pattern. Now you know how to wash your clothes? Next up: when buying a laundry detergent production equipment choose the high quality equipment that an article: how to distinguish what detergent production equipment purchase skills?
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