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How to choose a water purifier? What are the types of water purifiers?

by:Meibao     2020-10-28
Many kinds of water purifiers and model, the market now before buy water purifier, we want to know, what kind of water purifier is the best, make the water quality is optimal. Here, as an introduction to the kinds of water purifiers, working principle, finish see these, you must also know how to choose the water purifier. Water filter based on the core principle of purification, we can put it into water purifier filter type water filter and diaphragm type ( Represented by RO reverse osmosis membrane water purifier) , composite water purifiers, etc. , so for them, have their own respective optimization. Filter type water purifiers that belongs to low water purifiers, water purifiers USES a filter structure, according to different requirements, can match different filter, the advantage is that the price is cheaper, filtration precision is higher, Contain super filter) 。 The disadvantage is that filter is shorter life expectancy ( For example, the PP cotton in 3 - life In about half a year, 5 months, activated carbon life ultrafiltration 1 - life 2 years) , the water yield is small, only fit to drink. RO reverse osmosis water purifiers that belongs to a high-end water purifiers, water purifiers USES is RO reverse osmosis technology, first appeared in the aviation industry, in order to solve drinking water for airline officer of research and development, the advantage is the water of high precision, In addition to the water molecules, any material can not pass) , pure taste, beneficial to the body minerals ( After electrolytic experiment, can see the tiny yellow minerals) , the disadvantage is that because of adopting physical reverse osmosis technology, water yield is less, generally 8 l per hour or so, at the same time must use electricity, but less wattage. Composite water purifier filter and diaphragm this type of filter is adopted the principle of purification, respectively in series with the all kinds of filter and diaphragm so as to achieve the most ideal water purification effect of water quality, so the compound water purifier filter type water purifiers and water filter diaphragm mutual advantages. At the same time can also be carried out on the water taste better. So the compound water purifier is the most popular in the market now, also is one of the most promising of household water purifier. Reverse osmosis water treatment making machine making machine _ _ laundry detergent production laundry detergent washing powder production machine production factory house, the previous: reverse osmosis making machine in use process should pay attention to matters
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