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How much is the whole laundry detergent production line to want to invest?

by:Meibao     2020-10-19
How much is the whole laundry detergent production line to want to invest? This investment but can small, according to the user's investment ability to select key. A complete production laundry detergent production line include water treatment making machine, automatic water measuring making machine, uv sterilizer, laundry detergent production machine, filter, finished product storage tank, filling machine, printer. 1) Water making machine function: used to filter impurities in water, mineral substance, heavy metal ions, 2) Automatic measuring water making machine: according to the production automatic weighing of water, add to the laundry detergent production making machine; 3) Ultraviolet (uv) light overload type sterilizer: remove bacteria in water; 4) Laundry detergent production machine: laundry detergent production machine is different from traditional mixing making machine: laundry detergent production department on board a high-speed plasma shear emulsifying and stirring synchronization, lower part of making machine with screw pump and centrifugal emulsification and emulsion pump circulation automatic discharge; 3 times than the traditional mixer to save time, product warranty extend more than 2 times, because of good emulsification, large product concentration, detergency, stronger than traditional mixer products under same cost, improve the decontamination index 30% 40%. Making machine at the same time increase the constant temperature heating configuration, in the cold of the north, is practical, because of the low temperature in winter, some laundry detergent raw materials are easy to be frozen to production, at this point, the heating can quickly decompose the raw material to improve efficiency. 5) The finished product storage tank: liquid detergent production machine can produce more than 100 kinds of products are multi-usage, users can according to the production of products to buy tapered plastic or stainless steel storage tanks. 6) Filling machine, used for filling bottles such as laundry detergent or detergent. Automatic filling quickly and easily. Above is the complete whole laundry detergent production line, 76 inventors remind you: because the liquid detergent products are 80% Water and 10% - 90% 20% of the raw material, so high to the requirement of water quality. After through reverse osmosis water treatment of water can remove the impurities in the water, minerals, heavy metals, bacteria, etc. , to prevent because water quality make the stratification of laundry detergent, metamorphism and smelly. On the market a lot of molding machine by external mechanical forces simply stirring because the production making machine, simple mixing weakness is product is just a temporary dispersion, raw materials, short of sufficient dispersion and emulsification, the product is easy to produce delamination, precipitation, the phenomenon of bad smell. Regular laundry detergent production vendors would adopt mechanical emulsification process, the motor drives the stainless steel shear emulsifying head, can undertake sufficient emulsification and dissolve the raw material, make the product shelf life is long, uniform, uniform color, not stratification, precipitation, fully meet the national requirements of shelf-life. The laundry detergent production line can produce in accordance with the national standard of high quality laundry detergent, guide to help users planning workshop, provide relevant factory certificate. More than 100 patent inventor telephone:
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