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How much investment is required for production of detergent solution?

by:Meibao     2020-10-29
1970 - 01 - How much investment 01 manufacturing detergent solution? It is to point to by 32 detergent solution. 5% of the urea solution, and 67. 5 ultrapure water, stored in the SCR catalytic reduction system when the waste gas from engine exhaust it can reach the SCR catalytic converter with exhaust gas to nitrogen oxides into nitrogen and water reducing emissions. Production of detergent solution must first have enough workshop and sophisticated equipment, suitable for production of washing powder machine generally USES is a bipolar reverse osmosis water treatment, water quality so as to be suitable for production of washing powder. Along with the increase of environmental protection efforts, everything is not environmental protection industry has been strongly suppressed, shut down the production shutdown shutdown turned turned, washing powder production without pollution emissions, no waste water waste gas, will not have a harm to human body, safe environmental protection, a national support. Hangzhou machinery company has only to product technology research and development and improvement of the equipment function, existing a washing powder is suitable for production of machine, 4 - Investment of 100000 yuan, is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprise investment. Do countries five six standard detergent solution. A: hangzhou detergent equipment product features
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