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Horizontal mixer discharge how to ensure that clean?

by:Meibao     2020-10-23
If you want a machine to achieve the effect, we use our operations, will play a particularly important role, if use method is not correct, so our effect, will not so good, horizontal mixer, too, so how horizontal mixer ensure discharge clean? Horizontal mixer is actually a kind of mixed rate is high, less residue making machine. Also can be widely used in plastic particles, plastic powder, chemical powder, paint, diatomite, powder and powder in the powder. The utility model is characterized by: the double helix structure, on both sides of the material by the two sides to the middle by a large spiral push, intermediate material through small spiral belt to push on both sides, except for mixing powder, can also add liquid fuel, according to the need to add the spray device, and through the principle of air pressure to drive to the top of the horizontal mixer, then the liquid spray nozzle. Horizontal mixer emissions in fact have a variety of methods, from the bottom, some companies from the side discharge, discharge or from other parts, and the spiral discharging machine, so what kind of emissions will reduce residue, this is we should pay attention to it. Put power, in fact, usually with the band gap between wall and horizontal mixer, however, the smaller the gap, and the more precise the discharge if good material flow, material flow naturally and discharge, discharge quickly and clean, if the material is sticky or superfine powder, illiquid powder discharge will be slow, must through the inner belt and between the material and the material, when the gap is not allowed to launch ribbons, and there is not enough material to push it, it will be preserved, in this case, the residue will increase. If you'd like to know more about horizontal mixer discharge and clean method is how to ensure that information, you can click on the horizontal mixer web page to browse! Detergent production factory house, in an article: how to improve the stability of the horizontal mixer
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