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Direct drinking water, and what are the difference between ordinary water

by:Meibao     2020-10-27
Direct drinking, also known as activated water, healthy living water, raw water by tertiary treatment: before PP cotton - Net carbon - Carbon particles, and then through the reverse osmosis membrane, thus the reverse osmosis water, also called tertiary - water - Level 3 liquid detergent. In short straight drinking water is more clear than plain water, clean, more health, drink more healthy. Water is more abundant mineral elements, to provide more than ordinary water element of human need, so long-term consumption of straight drinking water is very beneficial to human body health. Now most residents drinking water mainly for waterworks of filtered water, its appearance looks slightly turbid, even there are other sundries in the pipeline, etc. At the same time in some parts of the water there is peculiar smell. In order to make the life become more clean drinking water, health, the market appeared a small straight water dispensers, factory direct drinking machine, communities, schools have straight drinking water systems, are the raw water through secondary treatment, make water quality become more clean, no peculiar smell. Maybe someone will care about, direct drinking so many benefits, that water direct cost sure is a lot more expensive than plain water? No, direct drinking economic cost is far below the ordinary drinking water, straight water dispensers can recycle, its overall economic cost is low. At the same time due to the direct water can provide adequate nutrition element for human body, thereby improving the body immunity, to reduce the body's health spending is also very good. Often with straight water dispensers for family is enough, straight drinking water price is not expensive, from several hundred to several thousand, according to their own needs and economic strength to buy used. Reverse osmosis water treatment making machine making machine _ _ laundry detergent production laundry detergent washing powder production machine production factory house, the previous: paint mixer in operating process should pay attention to things
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