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Detergent production vendors would tell you the importance of washing powder

by:Meibao     2020-10-17
Detergent production vendors would tell you the importance of washing powder detergent solution by SCR ( Selective catalytic recovery) System of making machine, reaction, the engine exhaust gas emissions more than IV and emissions regulations. Urea as exhaust aftertreatment important consumables directly add the user's operating capital, so how can better use the stick to outstanding work is too critical. Want to reduce capital gild the lily form more cases of loss is not. 1, using the defect of the urea solution damage generally urea solution can't replace detergent solution, because when the purity of urea solution doesn't work, there are particles, impurities such as heavy metal ions, minerals of cent, the vehicles nozzle of SCR system, filters and other components to form a serious damage, bring unnecessary economic loss. 2, water damage to the replacement of urea four cheating is a common practice, bypass the OBD monitoring, water instead of urea solution, this method is relatively shade, but can't to recovery the waste gas, water three car is higher than the formation of NOx emissions. If join, is generally water rather than pure water, generally the metal ions contained in water can cause toxic effect of catalyst, the impurities in the water, insolubles, sediments can also block the nozzle and catalyst support. 3, don't use urea damage in use do not add urea solution, looks is saving money, but will not save in the SCR system damage. Urea nozzle is located in the exhaust pipe, such as long time in high temperature environment, the demand cycle of the urea solution for cooling, cooling lack of urea nozzle can cause damage; And as, if not add urea solution, processor does not work, after simple oxidation at high temperature, therefore, it not only adds to the environment is damaged, will also add the overall capital.
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