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Detergent production machine purchase skills

by:Meibao     2020-10-30
1970 - 01 - 01 when buying detergent equipment need to pay attention to what issues? The detergent with everybody to know about the equipment manufacturer. 1, whether the perfect after-sales service in the choice of regular brand products must choose normal manufacturer of the product, and should ask for the formal invoice, when trading is also drawn to the dealer or manufacturer specific warranty. 2, check the license in accordance with the provisions of the relevant detergent equipment manufacturers are required to obtain health supervision department of the hygiene licence. And each brand and model of water purifier can have only only one batch number health permits, the general is short for province word + water + year + 3, no. XXX regular replacement cartridge filter is the core of the detergent equipment host, is totally depends on the water quality of the water purification filter effect, so the water purifier in use process should change of filter on a regular basis, avoid the situation of the water quality deterioration, water filter replacement cycle is commonly replaced every six months or so to be beautiful, if long time don't change easily lead to water contamination. A: what's the shampoo formula materials have?
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