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Detergent formula should be improved to update

by:Meibao     2020-10-29
1970 - 01 - 01 detergent formula should be improved to update, the following our detergent equipment manufacturers about the advantages and disadvantages of traditional detergent production formula of detergent formulation improvement methods! Traditional detergent production formula and the advantages and disadvantages of the AES + sulfonic acid + base + + essence + 6501 + 638 + salt preservatives + water = detergent, when the net content of active matter more than 15% is national standard recipes. 1, the advantage is: the big brands are basically using this formula, and to improve themselves. 2, defect is: capital is too high, low price of oil removal is not strong, the consistency is not high, the bubble is not much. 3, produce low price improvement methods: 1) , thickening: replace 6501 with AES partner thickening agent, can reduce capital, progressive thickening effect. 2) , increased oil removal: universal emulsifier, universal emulsifier oil removal ability is 1040 times that of the general emulsifiers. 3) , bubble: increasing concentration high bubble essence, can greatly increase the foaming ability. 4) , lit, increase the water clear agent, let very clear lit detergent. In an article: pure water flow, a washing powder production equipment
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