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Bulk detergent formulation and production technology

by:Meibao     2020-10-30
1970 - 01 - 01 big restaurants and restaurant in large and medium-sized cities are currently used in detergent are loose, though the bulk detergent washing effect than bottled water, the price of bulk detergent sold to lower or even just a few cents a catty, although the bulk detergent also diluted with water, real use to wash the bottle detergent with good effect is not necessarily worthwhile, but many customers eyes only see the bulk detergent is cheap, don't know to use actually is not cost-effective. Bulk detergent in the market, therefore, a large number of use, many practitioners, competition is intense, wave after wave of people engaged in this industry, wave after wave of people lose everything in the path of entrepreneurship dream of getting rich heroic sacrifice, the result is that the rich have not achieve our dream, just for your own life added a lesson of entrepreneurial failure. To patrons want to engaged in this industry of small entrepreneurs need not spend high price to buy the so-called formula, this article published bulk detergent commonly used formula on the market, companies want to do visit reference for reference. Latest detergent formulation and production process: 1, the basic formula: super detergent masterbatch + super saponification emulsifier + drawing essence + water + preservatives + salt powder + 2, neutral formula: super detergent masterbatch + super universal emulsifier, wire drawing powder + essence + water + preservatives + salt 3, without salt recipe: instant acidproof alkali transparent thickening powder + super universal emulsifier + essence + preservatives + water + wire drawing powder on an article: washing powder a vast market, low threshold, to invest to make money
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