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by:Meibao     2020-10-25
Vertical agitator depending on the number of the screw can be divided into single vertical agitator, double vertical agitator, three vertical mixer, etc. The working principle of vertical agitator is through the pump body and screw mesh formed by spatial volume change and move to pump fluid or pressurization of the rotary pump. Active screw rotation to drive together with the mesh driven screw rotation, screw meshing space at the end of the suction chamber volume increases gradually, and the lower pressure. ( Horizontal mixer) Under the effect of differential pressure liquid into the mesh space volume. As the volume to maximum forming a sealed cavity, in each of the sealed cavity, liquid along the axial moving continuously, until one end of the discharge chamber. At this point at the end of the discharge chamber screw meshing space volume became smaller, and discharge the liquid. Vertical agitator compared with gear pump, gear screw to replace on the structure. 1, vertical agitator can transport high concentrations of high viscosity, <10000PaS) And the suspension slurry containing particles. 2, transmission fluid flow is stable, there is no flow, the phenomenon of arteries and veins, and the phenomenon of mixing, shear serous won't occur. 3, discharge pressure has nothing to do with the pump rotation speed, low flow also can achieve high discharge pressure. 4, flow increases with the increase of rotational speed, is proportional to the speed, by variable speed institutions, high-speed motor to adjust the flow can be realized. 5, self-priming ability is stronger, the flow of liquid through the direction of rotation of the pump to change, and is suitable for pipeline needs to reverse, positive wash. 6, relatively stable operation, little vibration, low noise. ( Horizontal mixer) 7, vertical mixer has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient tear open outfit, maintenance. Vertical agitator flow smaller, pressure pulse is also very small, very small noise and little vibration, self-priming ability, but the screw processing more difficult. Pump is single suction and double suction type two kinds of structure, but only single suction vertical agitator. Hangzhou machinery making machine co. , LTD. , founded in 1992, mainly engaged in daily detergent making machine and its production and process research and development, production and sales and technology promotion, and professional is committed to cleaning products marketing, planning, building brand image and catharsis things small startup, get rich quick project training and promotion! Companies making machine processing is complete, the process is perfect, strong technical force, excellent product development and design ability and rich experience in production. For cosmetics, pharmaceutical, chemical, dairy factory provide mechanical making machine design, manufacture, installation, maintenance and technical improvement support and technical advisory services. Detergent production factory house, the previous: detergent making machine how to choose
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