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Beijing changping Mr Huang's bitterness buster

by:Meibao     2020-10-20
In June 2015, Mr Huang founded home from work in guangdong household detergent factory, because of limited economic conditions, choose a company bought a 12800 from Beijing simple mixing of detergent making machine production bulk detergent, less than half a month, products are sold to restaurants more than 10000 jins, cost per kilogram 0. 3 yuan, the sales price of 1. 2 yuan, see will profit more than 10000 yuan to a half month, hotel owners were calling to return, the reason is detergent on hands and smell bad, in desperation, Mr Hwang many times to find the original buyers in place failed to seek help technology, a loss of 20000 yuan. Then Mr Huang grasping, shandong and other places to guangzhou spend learning detergent technology, pay only after know technology formulation and production machine and the original is no different from that in Beijing to buy, making machine which is a mixer, formula or leave the traditional 6501, raw materials such as sulfonic acid, is Mr. Huang, despair, a chemical raw materials wholesale department and purchasing raw materials in Beijing met a few years ago from zhejiang buy detergent making machine of Beijing huai ren feng, feng told Mr Huang, he buys from zhejiang one ton per hour detergent making machine has been production for several years, the monthly sales bulk detergent more than 60 tons to the hotel, as a new customer more sales continue to increase, also recently ready to once again to buy 5 tons per hour making machine large scour, feng zeal for free with Mr Huang went to his factory to visit and guidance technology of detergent, see feng buy detergent factory making machine and technical formula with own completely different in other places to buy, at the same time see feng 300 square detergent in the workshop is filled with with big barrel good sold are loading the product, see feng kept answering the hotel old customer need to delivery of the phone, Mr. Huang can no longer sit still. According to the introduction of feng, in December 2015, Mr Huang reluctantly came to the factory in hangzhou, zhejiang province, zhejiang, have never thought can be free to visit the factory after learning detergent technology and machine operating, come see for yourself to make detergent from detergency was stronger after compared with the products on the market of washing, Mr Huang accounting real cost to 0. 4 yuan a catty, Mr Huang from as far away as Beijing home family opposition, from buying a new detergent production machine, Mr Huang was deeply touched when he left, from the heart tells us: cheap goods is not good, is not the same as invention patent products, looking for a normal manufacturer cooperation with confidence. Half a year later, Mr. Huang once again came to buy 2 tons per hour detergent production machine to expand production scale, to express gratitude and delivered the famous Beijing roast duck specialty gift, Mr. Huang told us that there are now more than 800 stable business hotel with his big barrel of detergent, detergent in sales and agent other brands of laundry detergent and form a complete set of disinfectant sold an old customer, though very tired, but also has tens of thousands of yuan a month income, are now ready to change from the original cottage factory into a legit detergent factory. Had to increase the varieties in the production of laundry detergent and disinfectant, see Mr Huang's business transformation, we from the bottom of my heart glad for him, the more feel product quality is enterprise's life, strength is the customer confidence the motive force and guarantee of success. Zhejiang green washing products production process
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