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Baby laundry detergent adopts what kind of washing method?

by:Meibao     2020-10-19
Different baby laundry detergent products features inherent, but from 'wash clothes laundry detergent is' the very essence of the efficacy, encountered in the process of combining with the actual washing the skin stimulation, choose baby what kind of washing laundry detergent used way? Suggestions for different stains, consumers can use different ways of washing. Laundry detergent breast milk for infants, mouth water damage is generally the naked eye can't see, and the formula of stains color shallow, not watch carefully, in the process of washing may ignore these stains. The remaining milk stains, the accumulated for a long time can make the yellow baby clothes, but also easy to breed bacteria, damage the baby's skin. Baby milk stains generally difficult to remove, therefore, have spilled milk, spit more, before washing the proposal had better use a certain concentration of laundry detergent soak for a while first, and then rub. For baby clothing is easier to observe stain to the naked eye, such as fruit and vegetable mud, food stains, suggest washing before you use paper towels to wipe off the stain easily fall off, again precoat a certain amount of laundry detergent, so that the laundry detergent and stains, achieve better decontamination effect. If the baby clothing accidentally stained with mud, fruits and vegetables first suggest that washing as soon as possible. Secondly, vegetables and fruits mud contains color stain, regular detergent ( Washing powder/laundry detergent, laundry soap) Difficult to completely wash the stains of color, if the baby clothing such as fruit and vegetable mud color stain cleaning not clean, consumers can use professional for a washing color stain on the product. When purchasing a baby laundry detergent, advised consumers to regular supermarket, maternal and child stores or official flagship store to buy. Imported from abroad brand fake phenomenon is particularly serious. Baby laundry detergent specially developed for infants. This series of products are rich in natural plant ingredients clean, do not contain toxic petrochemical, phosphate, enzyme, light plating, synthetic dyes or perfume, no chemicals harmful to the skin. Cleaning products contain double performance of surfactant, clean force strong, can clear the variety of stubborn stains on the clothes. The skin test, to ensure that wash clothes is not easy to cause skin sensitive. Next: how much laundry detergent foam and decontamination matter? A: detergent production equipment market prospects
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