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Zhejiang water army, 1 case solved destroyed the network of family delete groups

by:Meibao     2020-10-17
Zhejiang water army case solved destroyed family network gangs of those 1 zhejiang daily news ( Reporter Peng Xiaoping, correspondent bao-hua Yang, Xu Shiquan) On December 12, zhejiang daily all media reporter learns from jingzhou city public security bureau of zhejiang province, '2018 net net' special operation period, the city's police, seven months and eight provinces and cities such as Beijing, guangdong, guangxi, heavy successful investigation department supervisors 'water army' illegal business case, destroying family network delete groups 1, investigate alleged 'paid' of those illegal business behavior of four company, captured involved 13 people, initial find out money involved more than 3000 ten thousand yuan, is the amount of zhejiang province's largest department supervisors 'water army' illegal business case. Recently, the Ministry of Public Security unit on all units and civilian police to orders. In May 2017, the bureau of the Ministry of Public Security may organize investigation against special battle, 'water army,' jingzhou city public security bureau five launching linkage, special organization of more than 30 backbone scout work team. By summarizing various clues, astonished success lock a Wu Mou husband and wife as the core, Wu Mou brother as the backbone of the network of family paid copy of criminal gangs. The gang members for a long time in Beijing, guangdong and other places of large quantities of paid delete activity, involving multiple national famous site. Owing to delete network timely, deleted posts links can't open, even the ongoing delete behavior many seconds delete, forensics are extremely hard work. 24 hours amid tight man-marking, fixed copy of evidence of the gang. In the face of the country hit the Internet ghostwriters strong appearance, cunning criminal suspects Wu Mou smell the smell of danger, suddenly went to Japan with her husband, and remote control command to stop all activities of those gang members, all the computer is disposed to delete, capturing and forensics work at an impasse. Planning decisions, focusing on the prime culprit Wu Mou couples on their activities. On August 14 at 7 PM, astonished, respectively, in guangzhou zengcheng and your port in guangxi railway station, to abscond Wu Mou couple caught, police from Wu Mou carrying a mobile hard disk inquest extracted the delete link, transaction, customer information and other data, for the case later forensics and dig line to lay a solid foundation. Information, combining Wu Mou couple of confession and hard disk in case teams find delete content in addition to scattered clients demand, many of them are specifically for large enterprises cut type clean-up negative posts, including some well-known listed companies. The copy of the business cooperation with Wu Mou relatively stable, the client will have on a regular basis in bulk trading posts quantity, long time span, the high cost of those posts. After some hints on analysis, this article 'paid' of those black industry chain, there may be some pr firm ACTS as the role of behind, planning decision ultimately. Under the Ministry of Public Security and the strong support of the Beijing municipal public security bureau, astonished successively investigated four pr companies involved, captured the criminal suspect 11, find out the money involved more than 2000 ten thousand yuan. The four companies as for online public opinion to optimize customer service, hire water army batch cleaning harmful network information to customers. In addition to the traditional direct delete, also developed many new technologies, including block search engine snapshot, change the relevant posts title and content, by constantly refresh hot keywords, make positive information to rise, to squeeze negative information display page. 'These companies misrepresentation, seriously violated citizen's right to know, interfere with the normal network environment, market economic order and the amount is huge, serious social harm. 'Some police said. At present, the case has entered the stage of public prosecution. Detergent, laundry detergent and washing powder production machine and the principle, a completely different production conditions are completely different, especially in the production of detergent shampoo etc. , on health products is not a workshop with washing powder production. Japan has more than 10 years experience in factory, making machine and technology all over the country, and exported to Vietnam, kazakhstan, Malaysia, Russia, Iran, Africa, and many other countries and regions, are welcome to inquire and technology are discussed. Chemical machinery url: chemical machinery address: hangzhou qingshan district 20 floor 24 hours free telephone: the bank of China tower
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