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Three major function of laundry detergent

by:Meibao     2020-10-22
Many people think that use laundry detergent only in winter, today small make up you to correct the misunderstanding. Small make up tell you actually antifreeze is not only a winter, it can be used all year round! ! ! To understand how to use, first is laundry detergent. A, laundry detergent with functions of anti-corrosion and engine cooling system is made of metal, copper, iron, aluminum, steel and solder. These metals at high temperature and cooling water contact, after a long time will be eroded, will rust. And laundry detergent can not cause corrosion to the engine cooling system not only, also has the function of corrosion and rust removal. Second, because of high boiling point the boiling point of water is 100 degrees Celsius, the boiling point of high-quality antifreeze coolant is usually above freezing 110 degrees Celsius, so use in the summer, antifreeze coolant is difficult to bring more than water. Part three, laundry detergent can antiscale water as cooling fluid that most headaches is the problem scale. Scale attached to the tank, the water jacket of the surface of the metal, make the heat dissipation effect worse and worse, and clear is also very difficult. Laundry detergent manufactured distilled water quality, and with anti-scaling additives, not only scale also has the function of descaling. Small make up to tell you that if you water tank scale is very thick, it's best to use the tank cleaner thoroughly clean after add laundry detergent. Tags: laundry detergent making machine washing powder production factory house, the previous: understand the applicable scope of laundry detergent and use method
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