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The wealth of the production of laundry detergent express you caught?

by:Meibao     2020-10-18
With the improvement of people's living standard, more and more is also high to the requirement of clean clothes, laundry detergent, fabric softener, etc has become the best choice for family clothing clean and care. Developed rapidly in recent years, the advantage of laundry detergent is that under the condition of having the same detergency and laundry detergent, laundry detergent more energy saving, material saving, easy to dissolve, and easy to use, the average alkalinity of laundry detergent washing powder is relatively low, no phosphorus and performance is more moderate, and the lowest pollution to the environment. The downside is that the price of laundry detergent is higher, and distinguish between products is very fine, such as baby clothes laundry detergent, down jacket, laundry detergent, underwear laundry detergent, etc. , generally applicable to pay attention to the quality of life of the family use. Laundry detergent laundry detergent is made up of water and surfactant, lotion, synergistic agent and other components in a certain proportion of mixture liquid detergent. Fast laundry detergent dissolved in water, the opposite is true of washing powder, low alkali, performance is more moderate, does not damage clothes. Local scouring agent local scouring agent is also pre lotion, should be the local stains such as all kinds of oily be soiled, fruit stains, mildew spot and difficult to wash the stain after preprocessing, and then according to the conventional method is washed by hand or machine wash. Its packaging style has aerosol formulations, manual pump and daub. Currently on the market such as collar net oil, dry lotion and laundry are belong to the local scouring agent. Special laundry detergent can also be seen on the market a lot according to different clothes and special washing laundry detergent, such as silk and wool are protein fiber, the weak acid is stable, are sensitive to alkali, so can't use alkaline detergent. Should choose silk special detergent, wool detergent or neutral detergent. Baby clothes detergents used raw material performance is more moderate, does not stimulate the baby's skin. Down jacket washing liquid will try to avoid damage in wax on the surface of a down jacket. Bleaching antivirus disinfecting detergent bleach used a lot of friends, wearing a long white shoes or clothes will be yellow, then use bleach to restore their robes. Bleach is through oxidation to remove clothing or stained yellow itself formed various pigment, making clothes as far as possible to restore the original bright colors. Bleach has two categories, chlorine bleaching and oxygen bleaching agent. Chlorine bleach oxidation ability is stronger, improper operation will turn yellow clothes oxidation, and can not be used with acidic detergent, otherwise it will emit toxic gases. As is known to all, chlorine bleach don't wash color clothes, even the white clothes, also must pay attention to the clothes whether to ban chlorine bleaching on the label. And oxygen bleach generally refers to the hydrogen peroxide solution, is more moderate, does not cause fade. Due to the atomic oxygen can emit strong oxidizing, chlorine and oxygen bleach can not only various pigment oxidation into colorless, are bacteria, viruses, cells can be destroyed. Therefore, chlorine or oxygen bleach and disinfectant, such as we often use of 84 disinfectant, although these bleach has good sterilization and bleaching effect, but in fact they can only remove can be oxidized to water-soluble colored dirt, not for oil and an oxidizing granule (dirt As for dirt on collar) Etc. , will cooperate with detergent used to achieve a better decontamination effect. Detergent powder making machine detergent powder making machine next article: detergent powder making machine for the enterprise to create more interests on an article: current situation of the development of small laundry detergent equipment manufacturer
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