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The washing powder detergent powder making machine make more environmentally friendly

by:Meibao     2020-10-16
Now everyone in life is advocating environmental protection. So, the real green detergent exactly how far is it from us? According to the washing powder making machine ( Hangzhou) Studies of international chemical co. , LTD. , no phosphorus, the introduction of the enzyme may be scour the second step in the road to the green environmental protection. First of all, as a protein enzyme, will enter the nature of natural degradation, unlike materials such as phosphorus deposit. Second, the activity of enzyme temperature is moderate, need not too hot water. Usually detergent, for example, to use 60 degrees Celsius water for washing, and after adding enzyme, as long as 40 degrees Celsius temperature is enough. So, the twenty degrees Celsius temperature gap, for many millions of population of big cities, equivalent to one hundred thousand metric tons of coal in the energy saving. Even in the energy production in the process of the corresponding enzymes need, also only the equivalent of hundreds of tons of coal, in general for energy saving is very big still. Moreover, due to the rising energy prices, the market demand under the condition of low temperature detergent are also expand. Right, in addition to natural degradation, environmental damage, and because of falling demand and save a lot of energy, water temperature after adding enzyme detergent in the washing effect and no less. Because we usually get stains on most food is oily be soiled, perspiration, milk stains and juice soup stains, such as main ingredients are protein, fat, starch, etc. So, if join the corresponding enzymes, can effectively break down the ingredients. Such as protease can catalytic hydrolysis of protein, and later more lipase, amylase and cellulase were successively joined, greatly increase the efficiency of enzymatic detergent. Visible, ensure the effect of detergent, it doesn't have to be at the expense of the environment, waste of energy as a cost. In fact, for different number of scientific experiments prove that the mixture of surfactant and enzyme washing, according to the assessment of performance and washing temperature reducing surfactant can achieve better performance. , according to a study by using enzymes to replace traditional ingredients, at 20 ℃ to 40 ℃ and contrast formula of the same washing performance. By washing temperature 20 ℃, down from 40 ℃, a family can save about 30% of electricity in the process of each washing. If Europe is making such adjustments, can save about 4 billion KWH ( Equivalent to the equivalent capacity of 2 power plants) 。 Using better enzyme, therefore, to further reduce the reactive temperature, and reduce the use of harmful to the environment elements, has become a green development direction of the detergent. Detergent powder making machine ( Hangzhou) International chemical co. , LTD. , has started to develop in cold water also can maintain the activity of enzyme, efforts to create more environmentally friendly washing powder. Such as the new 'cold water washing powder can be in a cold environment, also maintain a strong decontamination ability.
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