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The shortcomings of inferior detergent making machine?

by:Meibao     2020-10-29
1970 - 01 - The shortcomings of 01 inferior detergent equipment? A simple, equipment, process, product warranty short inferior detergent production equipment using sulfonic acid, and raw materials such as caustic soda AES to join 80-6501 90% of water well and production of washing products, sold to hotels, restaurants and other places, because of the large production needs, in a short time will pay good returns. But produce detergent products quality cannot be guaranteed, short storage period, easy metamorphism, the layered smell, affect users' health, and the management of the catering industry increasingly specification, let the product sale, such a cottage industry of production will be eliminated. Second, the equipment to production safety risk, cannot normal production safety we need to care about is whether the equipment is safe? As long as it is mechanical equipment have a certain risk, but we are in the choice to choose safer equipment, the core of the detergent production equipment is the drum, if choose the equipment quality is bad, not only easy to cause the deterioration of product, more important is still likely to be an accident. The core of the detergent production equipment is the drum, many manufacturers choose simple mixer, due to the simple mixer craft simple, the processing of low cost, by advertising to attract buyers, buyers are attracted by low price. Some manufacturers will install a simple device upper mixer, equipment installed at the bottom of the so-called mulser, but long time after the equipment at the bottom of the sealing ring will ooze water, serious when electrical short circuit caused safety accidents. Because of their poor detergent equipment material, use less than a few months rusting equipment, and use the supermarket on the market a few hundred dollars to buy back the small simple water filters are assembled to the device as water treatment equipment, cannot purify water quality, water quality, and residual material in the production of low quality of detergent, detergent for bacteria trigger metamorphic. A: bulk detergent production equipment and profit analysis
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