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The shampoo formula have? The shampoo formula what role?

by:Meibao     2020-10-31
1970 - 01 - 01 hangzhou shampoo shampoo formula technical services professional technical training teaching professional production technology formula shampoo shampoo shampoo production formula have? The shampoo formula what role? Below we will explain the basic formula of shampoo and respective for everybody, with convenient later everyone I can buy shampoo with shampoo! 1. Water. The most basic constituents of the shampoo formula, of course, is the water! The basic elements in a bottle of shampoo is as high as eighty percent. If there is not enough water, the bubbles of the liquid can't pour from the bottle. 2. Surfactant. Basically a cleaner. The additive effect is the largest. Dissolve the dirt and grease around it. Then the water can rinse them. Like twelve twelve ester alkyl ammonium sulfate and ammonium sulfate ingredients than sodium dodecyl sulfate more easily accepted by sensitive scalp. Folklore has it that these chemicals can cause cancer, is totally nonsense. While surfactants are irritating, shampoos don't contain high, won't cause any real damage. Unless you are a sensitive skin or if you insist on regular shampoo several gallons to pour into his eyes, the surfactant will not bring any problem. Sales of shampoo contain conditioner now, it can make up for the stripping properties of surfactant. So you can rest assured to wash my hair every day. So the shampoo formula is indispensable. 3. Foaming agent. Such as coconut amide and coconut oil amide propyl betaine such components can bring rich foam. These bubbles complete the whole experience process of washing hair. The bubble is only on the aesthetic needs, however. A Cosmetech institute, a cosmetics chemist, & middot; Kita & middot; Wilson said, 'the effect of foam and shampoo no relationship at all. Manufacturers to join in the shampoo foaming agent, but is in order to meet customer expectations. '4. An acidic ingredient. Your shampoo label such as sodium citrate or citric acid. These ingredients are added in order to make the shampoo to keep proper PH value. Acidic PH and trace amounts of negative charge on the hair interaction, to help the MAO xiaopi, namely hair surface layer, keep the surface smooth level off. 5. Silicon resin. Such as dimethyl silicone oil, or any with 'one' spell at the end of the matter. The polymer to form a thin layer of protective film on the hair. They'll help you hair smooth, increase hair luster. 6. Poly quaternary ammonium salt. And have similar fabric softener, it can form a layer of blubber conditioner, get rid of static electricity, make hair more manageable. It also thickens the shampoo formula so it's easier to pour. 7. Acyl alcohol, fatty alcohols, and nut oils. These common additives can increase and lock in moisture. 8. Urea formaldehyde, iodine generation propiolic carbamate, different thiazole moiety ketone and benzene acid sodium. 'if you don't want to let your shampoo long legs to run away, you need preservatives. 'Wilson said. Due to the many other ingredients are made of organic materials, they will be moldy, breeding ground for bacteria. These preservatives can prevent your shampoo into a science experiment. Shampoo equipment, precision equipment, detergent machinery, equipment, laundry detergent washing powder equipment, cosmetics equipment, packaging equipment, liquid filling equipment, the shampoo formula, detergent formulation, washing powder technology, shampoo production machine, detergent formulation, technology of shampoo, laundry detergent formulation, laundry detergent technology, conditioner equipment, baked ointment, equipment, toothpaste production equipment, liquid emulsification equipment, detergent manufacturing equipment machinery equipment professional production equipment warm prompt: shampoo to field study, field production, long-term customers free hand operation following products production technology high school low-grade shampoo 2, 3 high school low-grade bath dew production technology, high school low-grade detergent production technology 4, medium-grade washing powder production technology 5, 6 high school low-grade laundry detergent production technology, the high school low liquid soap production technology 7, medium-grade conditioner production technology 8 9, high school low-grade oil production technology, all kinds of plant type abstersion production technology on an article: fat ( Sweet) Soap - - Including laundry soap, soap, liquid soap
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